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Your journey to a happier and healthier life starts here. Get ready to learn all the different holistic and all natural solutions you already have available to you. Getting healthy shouldn’t be a struggle and your health journey is just as unique as you are. The more you know the better equipped you will be to tackle anything life may throw at you. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. I am always more than happy to help when and where I can. Are you ready to set sail on your journey to better health? 


Eat Your Way To Better Health

What you put into your body directly determines what you can get out of it. Your food should provide you with energy and nutrients that help you maximize every moment of everyday. If you are feeling drained, sore, ill, tired, or just not feeling yourself you owe it to yourself to take closer look at your daily nutrition. Your food should work with you not against you. Are you ready to take back control of your health and happiness? Check out what’s on the menu today!

How Much Do You Love Vetiver?

Get ready to find out why you should be stocking up on this oil!

Improved Circulation

Vetiver’s soothing scent and properties help relax blood vessels. As such, vetiver’s sedative properties help improve circulation and increase the production of red. corpuscles, and even assist in the lowering of blood pressure levels.

Immune Support

Due to the extreme role stress plays on our immune system, vetiver is an ideal choice. Not just because of its natural antiseptic properties but because of its natural calming effects on both the central and parasympathetic nervous systems. While some stress every now and then is normal and needed for our immune system, excess or prolonged stress can cause the immune system to be overworked or weakened. As a result, autoimmune disease risk increases, and our natural immune response weakens.

Stress Reduction

Vetiver has been valuable for relieving stress and helping people recover from emotional traumas as well as shock. Its natural tranquilizing effects can also help induce more restful sleep. The heavy, smoky, earthy scent with lemon undertones has been shown to aid in physical pain relief as well. Vetiver has also been shown to help individuals dealing with ADD and ADHD. Its ability to help mentally ground an individual, which in turn, makes it easier for them to focus on the task at hand. No matter how you choose to look at it, this essential oil is a no-brainer.

Vetiver Calming Inhaler

  • Empty inhaler tube
  • Cotton wick or absorbent pad
  • 5-10 drops vetiver essential oil


Take an empty inhaler tube and remove the cap at one end. Insert a cotton wick or an absorbent pad into the inhaler tube. These wicks or pads are usually included when you purchase the inhaler. Add 5-10 drops of vetiver essential oil directly onto the cotton wick or pad. Vetiver is known for its calming and grounding effects, making it beneficial for reducing stress and symptoms of PTSD. Carefully reassemble the inhaler by placing the cap back on the tube.

To use the inhaler, simply hold it close to one nostril, cover the other nostril, and take a deep breath in through your open nostril. Repeat with the other nostril. Inhale deeply and slowly for a few breaths, focusing on the calming aroma of vetiver. Carry the inhaler with you throughout the day and use it whenever you feel stressed or anxious. It can be a helpful tool to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your daily routine.

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