Dr. Dee

The relationship between you and your doctor should be personal. Often we come into contact with our doctors during some of our most vulnerable moments. That’s why it is important for you to know and trust anyone who is helping you along your wellness journey. I can’t wait to get to know you a little better. Until then, I want to introduce myself and help build a more trusting and personal relationship with you.

Hey! Nice to Meet You!

Have you ever Felt Like .....

Is your body begging for help? Are you feeling exhausted? Do you have lackluster skin, and bags under your eyes? Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you experience frequent mood swings, headaches, chronic digestive issues? Are you sick of feeling like you have no control over your health or happiness?

STOP being controlled by the lack of energy, low self-esteem and the extra pounds on your body. Your body and soul are begging for transformation. You deserve to live a life that is full of health, happiness, and success!

You are not alone.

Hi my name is Dr. Dixie Short. But you may know me as Dr. Dee. I am a DNM with a PhD in Natural Medicine. But I wasn’t always on the path of holistic health and wellness. To be honest I was raised by tons of doctors, nurses, and other traditional health practitioners. Needless to say, it took a while for them to support a different perspective when I chose my path. I get it, I was just like them (and I am. sure some of you). That was, right up until I got sick.

I remember it all so clear. It started out small (like it often does) and I felt a bit off. My energy level started to dip, I started to experience digestive issues, and struggled to get a good night’s sleep. I kept telling myself that it was more than likely due to being over stressed and over worked. To be fair I was pulling crazy long days. I started at 5 am in the lab, went to work at 7 am, then straight to class by 11 am until 3 pm, then it was back to work until 8 pm, after which I was back in class until 11:30 to 12 am depending on the work load, and like clockwork I would repeat it all over again. Thinking it had to be the long-term effects of excess stress I decided to take a little break. That was when everything fell apart.

It was as if my body had been holding everything in waiting patiently for me to have the time to focus on my health. The moment I hit pause the wheels came off the wagon. I couldn’t keep anything down. At the time my work was less than 15 minute drive from my house and I had to leave over an hour early because I had to pull over every couple of minutes just to vomit. Things were not going well. I spent 2 years playing the constant game of see the doctor get my prescriptions, take them, get worse, go back, and repeat. It got to the point where I was taking over 20 different medications a day! No joke I had a bag I had to take with me everywhere. One of my aunt’s (an ICU nurse) saw the medication bag when she took me to the ER due to a growing paralysis in my arm. She freaked out and asked if I knew what those medications were for. Of course, I provided her with the bare minimum explanation that my doctor gave me. Furious with me, she told me to grab my drug book and look them up. Turns out everything I had been taking was counter acting each other. So, essentially, I had been taking them for no reason other than to take them.

After that revelation, I had been talking with another med student (P.S. I was pre-med prior to all of this which is why my aunt was so angry with me) and they jokingly said why don’t you try acupuncture? When you are desperate enough, joke or not, you give it a go. So I went and wouldn’t you know it, it helped. It didn’t cure me overnight but it helped reduce the pain and that was enough for me to see there was something to alternative medicine. Being a scientist at heart, I go where the facts are and the fact was that in less than an hour alternative medicine was able to do more for me than traditional had done in over 2 years! Just like that I switched majors and started applying what I had learned during the process to myself. In less than 30 days I was able to eliminate almost all of my health issues! I couldn’t believe how easy it was or how fast it was able to work. Now, I do everything I can to help educate others on safe, all-natural options that are already available to them.

Are you struggling to get through your daily routine? Do you wish there was something you could do to take back control of your health and happiness? If you are ready to stop the endless cycle of just surviving and you want to start thriving why not give me a call? What can the next 30 days do for you?

Dr. Dee shined, she’s a team player, she collaborates with other professionals, not competing with them to show off, and works to get you where you want your wellness to be. Please, if you haven’t pulled together your personal wellness team, she’s your number one draft pick. If you have a great team, add her, and watch your team gel around her. She has made such an amazing contribution to my personal wellness team, and my clients are thriving when they bring her on board their teams.
Scott G.
NLP Coach


You Are What You Eat!

I can't say it enough, what you put into your body directly determines what you can get out of it! If you are constantly giving your body fillers or chemicals it can't identify you are going to have health issues. Nutrition is easily one of the biggest changes you can make for your health.


Know Your Limits!

At the end of the day we can only eat so much food before we bust. Unfortunately, we can't always break things down as well as we need to, to ensure we get the proper building blocks our bodies need. That's why it is important to have ways to fill in those wholes safely.


All Work And No Play...

Stress is an unavoidable part of our daily lives. Here's the thing, a little stress is good. It tells your body to stay alert and even kicks on you immune system. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from excess stress which quickly breaks down our bodies in a number of ways. That is why it is critical for our health that we have ways to de-stress and give our bodies the rest they need.


Another Key Element!

There is a reason we spend such a large portion of our life asleep. Just because you are not actively up and moving doesn't mean your body isn't hard at work for you. When we sleep our bodies are constantly at work repairing themselves and creating excess energy for us to use during waking hours. When we lose sleep we remove our bodies most effective way of detoxing and repairing itself.


A Body In Motion, Stays In Motion.

Exercise is critical to help improve circulation throughout the body. When we neglect to stay active our body starts to lose muscle mass, which helps to burn fat, and produce increased energy levels. As a side effect we become less and less active which leads to more and more health issues.


My Area Of Genius

Here's the thing our entire body is controlled and regulated by a number of hormones. Seriously, they are at the heart of everything. Most of us only think of the hormones that are most commonly know. Such as Testosterone or Estrogen and how they apply to your menstrual cycle. Turns out they regulate so much more than that. The hardest part is trying to keep everything balances because they all interact with one another. That's where I come in!

Oh My Health There is Hope!

Inspirational stories to help you heal.

The journey to wellness is different for everyone. One thing we all have in common is the different trials along our way. These trails can either prevent us from reaching our goals or help shape us into the person we are today. Hear from amazing health and wellness experts about how their trails lead them to where they are today.

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