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Your journey to a happier and healthier life starts here. Get ready to learn all the different holistic and all natural solutions you already have available to you. Getting healthy shouldn’t be a struggle and your health journey is just as unique as you are. The more you know the better equipped you will be to tackle anything life may throw at you. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. I am always more than happy to help when and where I can. Are you ready to set sail on your journey to better health? 

Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Success?

Have you ever tried one of those fad diets? Did you start to see results only to gain everything back and then some? I’m going to be honest as a doctor of natural medicine, I hate fad diets! They never work and they often create even more health related issues for the individual. While I am a firm believer in nutrition making up 80% of the work you need to put into weight loss and 20% is exercise. One thing most people forget about that can change their success rate for every aspect of what they do is mindset. The biggest obstacles people have to overcome are, more often than not, in their head. Now, I don’t mean you are making things up or anything like that. When it comes to our health you would be surprised at how many roadblocks we put on ourselves before we even get started. Your thoughts will directly dictate your chance of success!

What’s Holding You Back?

I want you to stop and think about the last time you tried to lose weight. Think about a time when you were doing everything right. You were eating all the right foods, getting your regular exercise in, taking additional supplements, and even getting enough sleep. Were you able to keep those pounds from coming back on? The unfortunate truth is that for most of us that answer is no. While we may be doing all the right things from the outside, on the inside we may be destroying all our progress. I cannot tell you how often I come across a client who is stuck in an internal battle where they don’t feel like they deserve to be happy and healthy. It breaks my heart to see just how much damage those internal thoughts can have. That is why I incorporate six key elements: nutrition, supplements, sleep, exercise, hormones, and of course mindset.

The Mind Has Power

Your mind is by far the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. It can literally make or break your chances of success in ANYTHING that you do. Stress is easily one of the most common causes of weight gain. With everything that has been going on in the world as of late it is easy to see just how damaging stress can be on our bodies. From weakening our immune systems to forcing our body to hold onto unwanted excess weight. Getting into the proper mindset for success is critical to ensure you take and keep the weight off. While there are a number of things you can do to naturally help reduce your stress levels and get your mind in the right place. I like to focus on options that are going to offer you multiple benefits.

Find Your Happy Place

Some of my favorite ways to destress and refocus my mind is through meditation. Consistent meditation has been shown to help naturally rewire your brain and actually help you stay positive during stressful situations. Not only is it a great way to naturally lower your stress levels it can also help to naturally lower your blood pressure too! One of the biggest reasons I suggest it to my clients is because it helps them to focus more on their inward self. I know that sounds odd, but most of us have some really deep dark baggage that we have pushed to the back of our minds from long ago. For most of us we have been dealing with it for so long that it has become our new normal. We need a way to dive deeper to figure out what is keeping us from reaching our goals.

A Gratitude Attitude

Another one of my favorite things to do with my clients is have them start a gratitude journal. The funny thing about the mind is that it generates energy on the things we choose to focus on. So, if you are suck on thinking about everything that is going wrong your mind wants in on that action too. This leads to your mind fixating on even more issues making it even harder to see the good. Remember it works both ways. In fact, research has shown that focusing on just three positives a day can rewire your brain to focus on the silver lining in every situation in as little as 30 days. I try to think of at least 3 highlights of my day each night before bed and 3 things I am looking forward to for the next day.

You Come First!

One of my favorite pieces of advice actually came from one of my coaches (that’s right, everyone needs a coach to help keep us on track). She told me a great hack to avoid burnout is to schedule your breaks first. When you make de-stressing a priority you really don’t need to put in any additional work. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself 10-15 minute breaks every 2-3 hours. If you really want to maximize this time I suggest squeezing in a little light stretching. Exercise is an important part of our everyday life. We need to keep circulation moving throughout our bodies, it helps prevent toxins from building up within our muscle tissues. If you find you suffer from muscle tension or aches you may not be moving enough. Give it a go for a week. You will feel the difference in no time.

Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

While reducing your stress levels is sure to help you kick those unwanted pounds to the curb.  You may need to dig even deeper if you want to remove any emotional roadblocks. For those of us who have experienced trauma at some point in our lives it can cause us to view ourselves in a negative way. You would be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself the deeper you dig. Some of the most effective ways to eliminate these mental roadblocks is to speak to a therapist or work with an NLP or RTT coach to remove them. Each practice brings their own unique approach to help you break down the walls you have built up inside your mind. Personally, I enjoy RTT and NLP techniques. Want to give it a try? Here is a FREE gift to help you remove those toxic beliefs and reach your goals.

What Works Best For You?

No matter which option you choose to take that can improve your chance of success, each of these tools are sure to help you keep your piece of mind. Just remember your mind will always go in the direction you choose to focus on. Make sure you are focusing on things that are going to help you maximize your health and happiness. I know just how hard it can be which is why I have put together a program with you in mind. My Hormonal Weight Loss Program is an 8 week program to detox and balance your hormones at the same time. Most of us are unaware of just how much of our excess weight happens to be due to hormonal imbalance. Get ready to watch the pounds melt with this easy straight forward program!

Spinach & Avocado Salad

Gluten Free Vegan Serves 2


Slice avocado, rinse and drain chickpeas prior to assembling salad. In a large bowl combine spinach, peas, and seeds. Toss in dressing and top with lemon juice and avocado.

Need A Hand?

A happy and healthy life is closer than you may think. Our health is something that we all have to deal with daily, and when we don’t feel our best, it shows. If you are tired of just making it through your day then you NEED to start investing in your health today! You are not alone on this journey. If you ever need any help I am always here to do just that. Even if it is something as small as just acting as a sounding board. Do you have any questions or concerns I can help you with? Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or you can even book a one-on-one call with me. Be sure to subscribe to gain access to tons of free goodies and check back daily for more great recipes and information!

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