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How Fit Are You?

I stumbled upon a tees shirt I fell in love with. It has a bear chasing a fat and a thin person. The shirt reads “Be nice to fat people you never know when they may save your life”.

I started laughing until I realized, that while I may not be the least fit person in the room, I am definitely not the fittest either.

How fit are you currently? I know what you are asking yourself, “how fit does one really need to be?”

The cold hard truth is, you really only have to be fit enough to do one of two things: out run the predator, or out run the surrounding prey that are hopefully less fit then you are.

If you find yourself like me, trying to ensure that you are not the weakest of the prey, I would love to hear how you are currently going about it.

If this post has brought you to the glaring realization, that you are going to be the first to go, and you would like help preventing this unfortunate future contact me and together we can create a plan to do just that.

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