Social Media Post Creation


I put together an image or quick video for you to use along with providing the verbiage to attach with your post. For best results, I suggest meeting with me one-on-one to come up with themed days and working in bulk. You will need to provide me with the following: logo (if desired), links, themes, platforms (for sizing), and brand information.

Pricing Breakdown: $5 for each post

10 posts for $40

15 posts for $60

20 posts for $80

30 posts for $120


Are you looking for a way to engage your target demographic while staying on target for your commission goals? We all know just how important getting our business out to the public in the right light can be for new lead generation as well as conversion. Yet, it can be difficult to do everything and be everywhere all the time.

The key is to find someone who can help you create and automate as much of your business as possible. That’s where having someone like me comes in handy. I put together social media content posts for you to preload into your calendar. Honestly, I do it with my own content and TONS of other experts too. How much more can you get done with the stress of posting off your plate?


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