Monthly Coaching Tips

Are You Looking to Make the Most out of Every Month?

  1. When it comes to supporting your immunity, one of the best things you can do is detox regularly. I get that it can be super intimidating there are so many different detoxes out there. When it comes to detoxing, you want to choose something that is all-natural and focuses on food. Stay away from anything with the word cleanse in it. Cleanses should only be done with a doctor and never longer than 72 hours. Forget the cleanses that leave you making best friends with the toilet. Our bodies detox naturally and regularly. However, excess toxins can limit your body’s ability to care for itself. Natural detoxing requires whole foods and focuses more on fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for a detoxing program, I have one that is customized to fit you and your needs.
  2. Another great way to detox naturally is through castor oil packs. Again, most people get scared when they hear about castor oil packs. But caster oil packs are surprisingly easy to do. All you need is castor oil and natural cotton. When you are looking to do a castor oil pack, apply 2 Tbsp of castor oil to the cotton strips and place the cotton onto your abdomen. To enhance the pack’s effectiveness, you can add plastic wrap over the top and cover it with a warm compress. When starting oil packs, you want to start with 10-15 minute periods, 1-2 times a week. Castor oil packs can increase the rate at which foods can move through our bodies. Yes, this means things move through you more quicker. As time goes by, you can increase the duration of the packs.
  3. If you are looking for another quick and easy way to detox, I highly recommend dry brushing. Again, this is not something that will break the bank. Brushing your skin in a circular motion towards your heart helps your lymphatic system drain itself. For directions on how to dry brush and all the health benefits that come with it, feel free to check out the blogs I have written on it.
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