Hi! I'm Dr. Dixie Short aka Dr. Dee!

Just like you I have struggled with my health. There were times that I could actually feel myself dying. I seemed like nothing I was doing was helping. Even though I was doing everything I was taught to do in school (see a doctor and take a number of pills until you find a solution) I just seemed to get even worse. That was until I stumbled upon the best kept secret.

You are what you eat

No saying nowadays rings with so much truth than this one. And as the years pass the more you deteriorate if you are eating junk food. My Immunity Cookbook will give you the tools you need to start seeing your body gain back its life, its energy, its potential. You have so much life to live, so much more to experience in this beautiful world. Don’t let years of not taking care of your body stop you from living your best life. I got your back! 

Does this sound like you? If it does you need to download my FREE:

Here's what you'll experience…

Does this sound like something you might like? If it does you need to download my FREE ebook.

Start battling against those symptoms. You deserve a good quality of life, remember when you didn’t have to deal with any of those symptoms? Remember when you felt full of life and energy? What if I told you, there’s a way out of this rut? And it’s simpler than you could ever imagine! Simple and logical. That’s what we need nowadays. . . Not another pill or a fad diet. We need things that make sense to our minds and our bodies. 

I will cover it all in this downloadable guide. You can start implementing these tips today and see results quickly inside and out!

What others have said about working with me!

Dixie is kind, warm-hearted, and so passionate about the health & well-being of those around her. She goes above and beyond in sharing knowledge that could change someone's life, relieving the pressure of blame and shame when a small nutritional shift is all that is needed.
Mimi T.
Success Coach
Dr. Dee is not only on my personal team, but she’s also one of my favorite Doctors to refer to my clients in her areas of expertise. She has an ability to really hear people, she gets right to it, and her gentle nature helps set her clients at ease in no time.
Scott G.
NLP Coach

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